Rosalina ™

Gardenlina™ is a cool sturdy young lady that is well suited to an outdoor life. In no less than six different trendy colours, she can help transform balconies and gardens into a mass of colour from April until September. In spite of her colourful appearance, Gardenlina™ is not very thirsty and she can provide a maximum of garden pleasure in return for minimum care.

Long flowering
Gardenlina™ provides colour to the garden from May until September. The plant flowers until the longest day (around 21 June) on the buds it already has at purchase. As the days grow shorter, new buds develop and Gardenlina™ will flower a second time. This results in a lively flowering plant that can be enjoyed all through the summer.

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Gardenlina™ in every garden

Everybody has his or her preferences regarding colour in the garden. The assortment consisting of six popular colours includes the perfect colour for any garden or taste. During the 2016 season, Gardenlina™ is available in the colours red, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white.


New in the field of flowering outdoor plants is Gardenlina™, an outdoor plant that has been especially selected by KP Holland. The characteristics of this plant result in it being very strong and colourful by nature. The plant originates from Madagascar, China, South and South-east Asia. In these parts of the world, it is native and withstands difficult conditions such as drought and blazing sunshine.

Especially selected
Up until now, Kalanchoe has been used predominantly as a houseplant but that has changed! From the many variations that exist within the Kalanchoe family, KP Holland has selected exactly those species that lend themselves to be used outdoors. KP Holland has selected six double-flowered varieties with a compact habit, bright colour and beautiful umbels. In moderate climates such as for example in the Netherlands, this selection can remain outside from May until September.

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