Rosalina kalanchoe for every moment

Dear Rosalina™ customer, welcome to our website. Did this playful and coloured product perhaps also steal your heart? Kalanchoes are strong plants with nice looking, sturdy dark glossy green foliage. With regard to its plant shape and because of the dense umbels our Kalanchoë Rosalina™ series is very special. The rose-shaped florets give the Rosalina™ Kalanchoë a romantic appearance. Rosalina™ is available in many different colours; each and every one of these are true treasures that will have you dreaming for weeks both indoors as well as outdoors…

This website provides you with more information about Rosalina™, such as the assortment, how to look after these plants and tips and trends for any type of interior.


Rosalina Kalanchoe

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